Spring Snows

I’m sitting here at work, looking out my window at an absolutely gorgeous day.  The sun is out, for once the wind isn’t blowing, and the birds are flying around doing their birdy things.

Damn tax season and not being to take an afternoon off!

I love spring.  I love watching the grass turn green, the trees start to bud, and watching the birds go crazy flying around, nesting and enjoying the abundance as the world wakes up.

I’ve been watching my plants coming up all week.  The two grape hyacinths that came with with house (just about the only garden that did come with the house) have several blooms coming up.  The regular hyacinths I planted have started blooming, I have white, pink and purple ones so far.  The forsythia is blooming at the base but not on the stems yet.  My hydrangea has started sprouting leaves, which is awesome since I wasn’t sure it was going to survive the winter.  Even my rose bush that I didn’t prune until January is getting some new growth on it.

But guess, just guess what is supposed to happen on Saturday?  (Which happens to be the first official day of spring.)  Not only is it supposed to snow, it’s supposed to be a record snowfall for this time of year!  Gah, will this winter EVER end?


(Un)Common Courtesy

I read Dear Abby most every day, and some time ago a gentleman wrote in asking how to respond to women who became irate when he opened doors for them. Today, Abby printed several responses that she received from both sides of the argument.

I’ve never understood why the “feminists” are so against men holding doors for women. Do we really think that they think that we can’t open the door ourselves? I open doors several times a day, and no one has ever suggested that perhaps I’m not physically able to – because I’m a woman or for any other reason.

Personally, I always hold the door for whoever is coming up behind me. Man or woman. Young or old. Handicapped or not. When someone holds a door for me, I ALWAYS smile and thank them. Not because I needed the door held for me, but because it’s the polite thing to do. Because they did the polite thing and let me go ahead of them.

Snow Reflections

I’ve been thinking a lot about kids lately. Not just kids in general, but MY kids or lack thereof.

I turn 40 in eight months, (damn, how’d that happen? These last ten years have just flown by and I’m not sure just where they went) and still no kids on the horizon. At this point in my life I’m content with that, though Chris is a bit more disappointed. He’s never (and would never) say anything, but there’s times I can tell that he really wants a little one of his own.

We’re in the midst of “Winter Storm 2010” (dramatic music, etc.) and it’s been such a wonderful little vacation. I’ve slept and eaten, did a little housework, a little sewing, spent hours on the computer and just enjoyed having the freedom to spend a quiet few days with Chris. Family and friends with children are dealing with illness and boredom, constant noise and activity.
I don’t even know how to deal with kids anymore, it’s been so long since I’ve been around little ones. Of our friends that have kids, most of them are tweens now (how the hell?) and if that’s not scary enough to make you rethink having kids, nothing is!

But remembering a little one crawling in my lap for a snuggle, their delight as they encounter new things, their joy in just being……..

I’ve actually thought seriously about adoption, but that’s so damn expensive. I’m not sure I could handle foster kids – coming and going, seeing the abuse/neglect/whatever, how hard would that be?

And then I think of my freedom, which I am ever more grateful for since Dad is no longer living with us. The ability to go when I want to go and do what I want to do without having to consider the needs of anyone but Chris is wonderful.

Being shut up by this storm has really reminded me that I AM content with my life as it is now. With both of us able to work now we’re getting our financial feet back under us. We’re able to spend quality time together even if it is just hanging around the house not doing anything.

A Snow (Ice) Day

I love days like today. There’s an ice storm hitting the city and we’re safe at home with plenty of food, beverages, smoke, and toilet paper. Since no one can come over, we get the day to do with what we will.

Around here, that means sleep!

Actually, Chris made doughnuts this morning and I’ve been doing some crocheting. And looking at my beading books. I look at some of the stuff they have for sale and think “I could make that so easily.” Unfortunately, I don’t have all the needed supplies yet.

Today I want to start making some stuff to sell. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for awhile, but I’m kind of scared to attempt it. Do I really think that the stuff I make is actually worth money? Everyone has loved the gifts I’ve given, and gone on about how well made they are, but that’s family and friends and who can believe them? So I figure I’ll start small, make and list a couple of simple items and see what happens.


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